Ink & Bourbon
Tilting at windmills. Because those windmills think they're better than us.

It’s gonna be a long thirteen years.

At the library yesterday afternoon with the kiddo because, A) he should be exposed to books and B) it’s a nice warm dry place on a wet crappy day.

So he runs into one of his little friends from Kindergarten. She happens to be a girl.

So my son suddenly switches on, goes into full on showoff mode. Making jokes, regaling her with stories about the stuff they build with blocks, and pretty much transforming into the Life of the Party.

She, for her part, favors him with coy smiles and laughs uproariously at everything he does. Which encourages him to further antics.

Now, I recognize this dynamic. Done the dance myself, and seen it done well and poorly. Nothing new or disturbing here.

But they’re five years old.

I don’t know whether I’m more unsettled at the fact that flirting starts so young, or that the boy just has so much more game than I do.