Ink & Bourbon
Tilting at windmills. Because those windmills think they're better than us.


Plenty has happened since I’ve neglected this space for the past few months.

I changed jobs. Well, ok, I was asked to change jobs, and had two very scary, stress inducing months without a paycheck before landing a new job for slightly better pay at a company with an atmosphere more to my taste, but there you go.

My son is finishing his last summer as a free man. Next week, he enters the belly of the beast and starts Kindergarten.  I could make some Pink Floyd references, if I were truly pessimistic, but I’ll keep it light and think of the Indigo Girls. He can spend the next few years prostrate to the higher mind, get his paper and be free.

My book is out. Go buy it. It’s brilliant. It’s available as an ebook this second. Paperback books coming soon. The proofs are done, off to the printers, not sure how long until you can buy one, but soon.

It’s a paranormal thriller set against the background of a private EMS company in a tough, economically depressed town. Fun for the whole family. If you ever wondered what the bastard offspring of Robert B Parker and Roger Zelanzy would look like, but lack the background in necromancy and  genetics to make that happen, this book is for you.

I’ll try to be better about this blog.