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State of the Kitchen Address

Every single thing we own is on the kitchen table. And none of it is clean.

In case you were wondering….

Sick as a dog today.

I’m leaving a trail of mucus wherever I go. Like a surly, alcoholic garden slug.

This week on "Ask A Clergyman:"

Dear Catholic Bishops,

OK, what the fuck?  Why the contraception hate? You do realize that 98% of American Catholics use some form of contraception, right?

Apart from the fact that you really should be barred from discussing morality at all after your multigenerational coverup of child abuse, what could possibly be wrong with contraception? 

I can say, quite comfortably, that I have had all the kids I want in this life. I can also say that I certainly haven’t had all the sex I want.  In fact, if I had to list modern advances I would keep after the collapse of civilization, contraception would come pretty high on the list. Probably right after safe drinking water.

And, let’s be honest (which I realize goes against your training) but what do you hate more, abortion or contraception?  Because safe, cheap, educated access to the second dramatically reduces the need for the first.

Hi all.

I’m a paramedic, father and struggling fiction writer with a background in history and a brief time in the Marines.  

This is my new blog. Expect to see rants on EMS,policts and life in general, as well as plugs for my upcoming book.