Ink & Bourbon
Tilting at windmills. Because those windmills think they're better than us.

Backstory is Important

Took the kiddo to Imajine That, an indoor playground since it was rainy and lousy. They have climbing structure, slides, a bouncy house, craft areas and a rack of costumes and hats and stuff to play dress up.

My son winds up wearing a hardhat, safety vest and fairy wings, and has a knight’s shield strapped on his arm.

Vessel of the Clan’s Hopes and Dreams: “Daddy! Look at me!”

Me: “What are you? A fairy knight construction worker?”

VotCHaD: “Yes.”

Me: “That’s different.”

VotCHaD: “We need to build a bridge for the fairies, then defend it against the trolls.”

Me: “…OK then. Strong work.”